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A Discussion Thread on Ginko Biloba.
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Letter to a Tinnitus Sufferer
by Stephen M. Nagler, M.D., F.A.C.S.
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Subject: Re: Gingko Biloba
From: Dick Reeves
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 21:12:50 -0600

Authorized User asked:

Could someone tell me the correct dosage and strength of Gingko to try? In a book I read on the subject, there was a special type of Gingo that was used in the study group. Would like to know the best type to try....

To which Dick replied:

You need to experiment with the dosage to find out what's best for your body weight and chemical balance. Most Ginko formulations are 50 milligrams of 50:1 24% standard concentration Ginko. Try one capsule per day, then a second 12 hours later, then try two taken at one time. Two per day seems right for me, but I weigh 210 lbs. If you're smaller, try prorating the dosage. IN any case, experiment, and don't take any one day's experience as a conclusion. It takes several months to zero in on the correct dosage and timing.

After a year of experimentation I found that two capsules (total 100 MG) taken together in the morning gives me the best results: almost totally quiet all day.

I take the GNC Ginko Biloba Plus, which adds Ginseng, Gotu Kola and Lecithin to the Ginko. This is much more effective for me than the Ginko alone.

Good luck!


What does the medical community think of ginko biloba as a help in reducing the noise level of tinnitus? Does it work better on it's own or with lecithin or with niacin? What would be the dosages? If it does help, how long do you have to take it? I would greatly appreciate any information anyone has to share or has experienced.


1. I saw my ENT yesterday for a 6 month checkup. I have Meniere's & T. I asked him about Gingko, as I began taking it about 5 weeks ago. He said not to bother; it hasn't been proven to help unless perhaps a placebo effect. But, he said it doesn't hurt a person. He said people grasp for anything they think might help. I guess I'll finish the second bottle I bought & see how I am then. Good luck. Vicki.

2. If the medical profession haven't got the foggiest idea as to how T. is caused or what to do about it, it seems a bit naive and arrogant for your ENT to say what does or for that matter does not work.

I find that Gingko not only helps (and I have tested this - time and again - by stopping and starting again) but also reduces the volume of the T substantially for me. It is not a cure but an effective "volume control" for me. Ian

3. Mr. Hinds may be "lucky" in that his tinnitus is caused by restricted blood flow. For that case, gingko biloba can help as it specifically improves blood circulation.

For all other cases, gingko biloba does nothing. Don't believe in false hope, -Earthling

4. Well - the absolute certainty expressed, especially the statement that Gingko "does nothing" is impressive. However I question whether anyone can be so certain about a subject that is so medically uncertain. You may be right I don't know for sure. Do you?? Ian

5. I have found herbs like Melatonin and possibly regular Ginko can cause stomach discomfort.

I am taking Ginkgold which does not have these problems. It appears to reduce my Tinnitus significantly. Steve

6. I am taking 2 capsules of 60mg. ginkgo biloba daily. I have been taking for three weeks and I'm really not sure if it has helped my T or not - my T has never been really severe, and also flucuates quite a bit - one day loud, one day not bad, some days almost completely gone, so it is difficult to gauge success........I do experience some stomach discomfort with it, sometimes an hour or so of upset stomach especially if I'm getting hungry.

I may decrease to 1 capsule daily with my evening meal. I have one more bottle of 60 capsules I will try if I don't notice a big improvement will probably discontinue. Lori

7. But Gingko is helpful for blood circulation. Normal dosage is no damage. Conny-

8. I take 1 cap, twice a day, 60 mgs. daily with meals. May take 4 weeks or more to notice results. Daniel

I'm also having luck with Ginkgo. I take one 100 mg capsule twice daily. I also take one Lecithin capsule and one Niacinimide capsule every night before going to bed. On top of this, I carry my musician's earplugs everywhere I go, just in case and avoid abusive acoustic situations such as concerts and clubs. These things have helped me cope. We're not talking cures here, just alleviation. Long live Ginkgo. By the way, I am working this summer to make enough money to try Auditory Habituation at the new Whitby, Ontario Tinnitus clinic. I've got my fingers crossed.

i found this abstract about g. b. and t. in www.healthgate.com.
if anyone should be interested. hj

Previous studies have shown contradictory results of Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) treatment of tinnitus. The present study was divided into two parts: first an open part, without placebo control (n = 80), followed by a double-blind placebo-controlled study (n = 20). The patients included in the open study were patients who had been referred to the Department of Audiology, Sahlgren's Hospital, Göteborg, Sweden, due to persistent severe tinnitus.

Patients reporting a positive effect on tinnitus in the open study were included in the double-blind placebo-controlled study (20 out of 21 patients participated). 7 patients preferred GBE to placebo, 7 placebo to GBE and 6 patients had no preference. (!)Statistical group analysis gives no support to the hypothesis that GBE has any effect on tinnitus, although it is possible that GBE has an effect on some patients due to several reasons, e.g. the diverse etiology of tinnitus. Since there is no objective method to measure the symptom, the search for an effective drug can only be made on an individual basis.

Updated 30-12-98


Important Ginko story
Barry says: "I have suffered from severe, chronic tinnitus for more than thirty years. I developed tinnitus from prolonged exposure to loud noises while serving in the military."
After taking Ginko:- "The ringing has not entirely disappeared but it has decreased to a very manageable level. Generally, I am not aware of the ringing unless I am in extremely quiet surroundings..."


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